The Mainframe is growing and here’s the proof!

We don’t like to say “we told you so” but…….the Mainframe is growing and here’s the proof!

It’s not unusual for us to be countering arguments that the Mainframe is dead so we were delighted to read the recent BMC report on the Mainframe. In this insightful survey BMC have busted 5 common myths about the Mainframe:

  1. Organisations have fully optimized their mainframes for maximum availability
  2. The mainframe is in maintenance mode, and no one is modernising it
  3. Executives are planning to replace their mainframes
  4. Younger IT professionals are pessimistic about careers on the mainframe
  5. Only older people work on the mainframe today

Let’s take a closer look at some of the stats:

The BMC report highlighted the following key priorities for its’ respondents:

  1. Cost reduction/optimisation
  2. Data privacy/compliance
  3. Availability
  4. Application modernization

It’s no surprise to see cost reduction and optimisation hitting the top spot. 71% of large shops (identified as more than 10,000 MIPS) experienced MIPS growth in the last year and forecast more growth in the next 12 months. With this expected rise in MIPS growth, organisations need to take control of peak mainframe workloads.

Find out how you can reduce costs with our Mainframe Cost Reduction service

Myth 1 was busted with the result which showed that 66% of respondents indicated business requirements are driving them to focus on reducing their maintenance windows. Myth 1 stated that “organisations have fully optimized their mainframes for maximum availability” but we can see from these results that this simply is not the case.

A very interesting stat was that 42% of respondents said that application modernisation is a priority in the next year and a top focus for these organisations is modernising to take advantage of updated technology. This firmly busts Myth 2 about the Mainframe being in maintenance mode.

The future of the Mainframe

Attitudes towards the Mainframe are beginning to change. The Mainframe is increasingly being viewed as a long-term strategic asset.

The survey results showed that an overwhelming 91% of respondents view the mainframe as a long-term, viable platform – up from 89% in 2016. These stats smash Myth 3, that executives are planning to replace Mainframes.

Some of the most surprising results of the survey were around the changing workforce. Myths 4 and 5 are well and truly busted here. 46% of respondents fell into the 30-49 age bracket. So rather than the majority of Mainframe workers nearing retirement as is often thought, these results show that a large proportion are actually in the lower “mid-career” group. This group is very positive about the future of the Mainframe. 45% of these respondents hold executive positions and have a positive view of the platform with 69% saying that they foresee higher capacity growth.

More positive still were the results from the Millennials. Traditional thought would have us believing that this age group see no future for the Mainframe and have no interest in building their career on working with Mainframe technologies. However, 70% of these respondents expect the mainframe as a platform to grow and attract new workloads industry-wide.

The last group of stats we have pulled out of the survey are about women and their growing influence on the Mainframe platform. Women made up 20% of the respondents and interestingly have a higher proportion of executives in their population than men, with 43% of executive roles among women versus 35% of executive roles among men. The women surveyed were positive about the future of the Mainframe with two-thirds of them anticipating growth in their Mainframe workloads.

The Mainframe is growing but what challenges do organisations face as a result?

BMC identified 3 top challenges amongst its’ survey respondents:

  1. IBM software costs – 50%
  2. Cost of hardware – 44%
  3. Staffing/skills shortage – 44%

Whilst it’s good that respondents foresee MIPS growth on the Mainframe, meaning that the platform is viable for the future but it also means that organisations are facing ever growing Monthly Licence Charges from IBM. Mainframe cost reduction is something which Triton has been working on with customers for many years. Triton can help you to regain control of your software charges by running an audit of your current environment and identifying when and where the workload peaks occur. Find out more.

Staffing and skills shortages are still a key concern for many Mainframe sites. Triton Consulting provide flexible resourcing options to organisations who need to supplement their Mainframe skills. Our Consultancy on Demand solution allows organisations to access key skills as and when they are required. Hours can be used for training and skills transfer; to provide specific skills where they are lacking in the team or for specific project work. Working alongside the in-house team our highly experienced consultants can enable large Mainframe users to manage their resource requirements in a highly cost effective and flexible manner. Find out more about our Consultancy on Demand service.


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DB2 LUW Consultancy Taster Day

Here at Triton Consulting we are celebrating our 21st birthday. Although it doesn’t feel like much has changed since we set up shop, looking back it’s hard to believe that in the same year the internet had only just taken hold, Google hadn’t been founded and an IBM computer Deep Blue became the first computer to win a game of chess against a reigning (human) chess champion.

Well, thankfully us humans at Triton Consulting have stood the test of time. We are all really proud of what we have achieved and would like to thank all of our clients old and new for sharing the past 21 years with us, we have learnt a lot.

As part of our 21st birthday celebrations we are delighted to announce that for 21 days* we are offering one day (8 hours) of DB2 for LUW Consultancy free of charge.

The free Consultancy day includes an initial consultation call with one of Triton’s Principal Consultants – Iqbal Goralwalla or Mark Gillis.

A DB2 LUW customer can then use their eight hours to resolve any of the following DB2 support issues or queries:

  • Answer a burning DB2 question
  • Help with a DB2 feature
  • Discover what’s involved in a DB2 upgrade
  • Learn what High Availability and Disaster recovery features are available in DB2
  • A DB2 performance review

So why not try us out with our no obligation, free Consultancy offering and see what our DB2 experts can do for you! Email using ‘Consultancy Offer’ as the subject to arrange your initial consultation and be part of our 21st Birthday celebrations! Don’t forget to leave us your contact details and an overview of your requirements and we’ll get back in touch.

Need inspiration? You can listen to the podcast from our customer CPA Global on how they have used their Consultancy on Demand hours. Listen now

Terms and conditions

  1. *This offer is available for a limited period of 21 days only and expires on Wednesday 7th February, 2018
  2. This offer is open to Businesses within the UK and elsewhere in Europe, to new or previous customers only. Excludes existing customers as of 17th January 2018.
  3. Triton Consulting reserve the right to amend or alter the terms of the offer at any time.
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BLU Hits and Misses – the replay

Replay! If you missed the last DB2Night Show of 2017 then fear not, our partners over at DBI Software HQ have made the replay of Mark Gillis’ DB2 11 Performance: BLU Hits and Misses available as a replay.

Take a look, there’s nothing to lose, in fact 100% of the live audience learned something.

Download the replay.

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Have you got Christmas covered?

With Christmas just around the corner now is a good time to consider additional support over the holiday period. Perhaps you have a small in-house team or are struggling to find DB2 resources. Providing adequate cover for your DB2 databases over the holiday season can be difficult, especially with an increasing requirement for systems to be available 24×7 with DBA cover required at all times. This can put real pressure on already overstretched DBA teams.

With Triton’s RemoteDBA office service you can be assured that your DB2 Databases are left in capable hands whilst your DBAs take a well-earned break.

Available in personalised packages that suit you and your company you can choose from Remote DBA Office, or Remote DBA 24×7. Each package has an optional enhanced offering which allows customers to benefit from faster guaranteed response times and coverage for a larger number of databases.

We offer

  • Fixed price with no hidden extras guaranteed!
  • Unlimited support calls
  • Unlimited support hours
  • Unrivalled DB2 expertise
  • No performance monitoring tool costs
  • Database health check included

Details of the individual RemoteDBA packages can be found here

Not ready to commit to full-on Remote DB2 support?  We understand that it’s a big step, so why not try our Consultancy on Demand service which comes in smaller, bitesize pieces, ideal for training, development work or to provide specific skills where they are absent in the team.

Find out what our customers have to say about our RemoteDBA and CoD support services.



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IBM Db2 12 for z/OS Technology Workshop & Migration Planning

Join Tom Crocker, Rob Gould and Karen Wilkins for a Db2 12 Technology Workshop and Migration Planning event. Run by IBM, the one day, face to face event will take place on Monday, 13th November at South Bank, London. Spaces are limited and offered on a first come, first serve basis.

Whilst focusing on how it is possible to quickly upgrade to Db2 12 for z/OS and how to exploit the new features and functions, the presenter’s main objectives for the day are as follows:

  • Technical Overview of Db2 12 for z/OS which will cover performance enhancements for traditional workloads, performance enhancements for modern workloads, application enablement enhancements, reliability, availability, scalability and security
  • Explanation of how you can exploit new features and functions quickly to save time and money
  • Explanation of DB2 12 migration process – The speakers will provide hints and tips, address some myths, provide additional planning information, and provide usage guidelines and positioning on new enhancements. The main objective is to help customers migrate as fast as possible, but safely and encourage version to version migration.

For further details of the event and registration click here.





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IDUG 2017: Best Bits and Geek Gallery

This gallery contains 25 photos.

It’s hard to believe that Bonfire Night is almost upon us and that it’s been a month since our trip to glorious, sunny Lisbon where some of the Triton team had the pleasure of attending another fantastic IDUG EMEA Technical … Continue reading

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DB2 11 Performance: BLU Hits and Misses on the DB2Night Show

A forthcoming date for your diary that you won’t want to miss! On Friday 15th December, Mark Gillis, IBM Champion and Principal Consultant at Triton Consulting will be the guest presenter once again on DBI Software’s DB2Night Show.

Based on his popular IDUG Lisbon DB2 technical session Mark will be presenting Episode #200: DB2 11 Performance: BLU Hits and Misses.

During the show Mark will examine some ‘real’ workloads and a comparison between 10.5 and 11.1 on the processing done ‘under the covers’. Mark will also look at some of the inevitable gotchas and pitfalls.


  • Provide a brief overview of BLU columnar technology
  • Present examples of workload performance in V10.5
  • Explore the benefits of V11.1 for your workload
  • Produce examples of where the BLU savings are
  • Gotchas: Where you might not find the advertised benefits

Register for this DB2Night Show episode here

Mark has also written blogs on the latest version of DB2 LUW; In-Line Optimization with V 11.1 and his latest blog Finding the Access Path for Columnar Queries.

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The IDUG Buzz

In the lead up to an IDUG EMEA Technical Conference the Triton office can seem a bit fraught. The technical team are usually tweaking their presentations whilst I’m finalising plans for the Triton and DBI Software drinks reception. This year was no exception. It was going to be my first year attending an IDUG Conference, which also meant the first time attending our event. So no pressure!

In keeping with tradition the main stress occurred prior to the event thanks again to our chosen despatch company, mention no names, of course.  Five out of six boxes containing all our party invitations and promotional gifts arrived safely in Portugal, the sixth landed in Poland! Thankfully the final box made an appearance the morning of the reception. We are yet to have a year when the Triton boxes (or suitcases) don’t go awry.

Once landed, the Sunday evening began with a few members of the Triton team exploring the streets of Lisbon, checking the Geocaching clues in preparation for the competition. The weather was hot and the temperature was forecast to rise. We began questioning how many delegates would actually leave the comfort of an air conditioned hotel to complete the DB2 geek quiz. How keen were the IDUG contingency on winning a Roomba robot hoover? Only time would tell. The following day was spent promoting the competition and event on social media and at the IDUG Welcome Reception.

The crowd started building in the foyer of the IDUG reception and there was a real buzz in the air.  I met with Scott and Chad from DBI Software, one of Triton’s business partners and set up the IDUG mobile app ready to start my scanning responsibilities. I was completely unaware that the majority of the people behind the ceremonial ribbon were planning on making a beeline to the DBI stand in order to pick up an invitation to our party later that evening; I knew we limited guest numbers but I didn’t realise invitations were in such high demand.

The drinks reception itself went down a storm. Everyone I talked to really enjoyed the evening, not only the food, drink and competition but also the networking. Congratulations to our competition winners, particularly Roland Schock who was crowned the Geocaching Champion and got to take home the Roomba robot.

So what were my first impressions of an IDUG conference? Well, they couldn’t have been more enjoyable. I thoroughly enjoyed the buzz of scanning delegate badges and what was so great about the whole IDUG experience was finally putting faces to all the names that I have connected with on the various social networking sites over the past six years.

It was also great to know that I wasn’t the only IDUG fresher at our party; there were quite a few fresh faces in the crowd and good to hear some young mainframers coming through the ranks too.

It’s amazing how quickly the days went. Before I knew it I was back on the plane to the UK. I’m already looking forward to planning next year’s event, so much so that we have already had our first planning session.

Thanks Lisbon, thanks Triton and thanks to the IDUG EMEA Conference Planning Committee for a fantastic few days.


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Db2 Day – Db2 on Linux, Unix, and Windows. You’re invited!

IBM has just announced details of a complimentary event, Db2 day – Db2 on Linux, Unix and Windows. The face to face event, presented by George Baklarz, IBM Db2 Program Manager will cover the latest enhancements to Db2.

Attendees will have the opportunity to sharpen their knowledge and skills on the latest developments from the IBM labs which include:

  • Db2 V11 fp1/fp2
  • SQL V11 update
  • Db2 Open Data (OData)
  • Db2 JSON
  • Db2 Developer-C, Tools, and Docker support

Db2 Day will take place on Monday 13th November at IBM Southbank, London and will also include a number of Db2 developer sessions. Find the full agenda here.

Simply click to register for this must attend event. Spaces are limited, so be quick!

Additional info

George Baklarz is an IDUG Hall of Fame speaker. George won the best Overall Speaker award for his session Db2 11.1 SQL V11 update at IDUG Lisbon 2017. He will be presenting this session on the Db2 day on November 13th. George Baklarz presentation on Db2 JASON was also in the Top 10 Overall presentations at IDUG Lisbon 2017

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Heads-up! DB2 Geek Geocaching Competition

With less than a week to go until IDUG EMEA conference in Lisbon we thought we’d give our fellow DB2 Geeks a heads-up on what they’ll need in advance of the Triton and DBI Software competition set to run from midday on Monday 2nd October.

This year’s quiz will be based on a “geocaching” theme, with contestants using a combination of the GPS in their phones and a series of clues to find certain locations in the area surrounding the IDUG conference hotel, the Epic Sana. As always, there will be an element of DB2 technical knowledge required to solve the clues and each clue will be individually posted on Twitter throughout the day on Monday.

Contestants will need the following:

  1. A GPS-enabled phone with an active data plan and the Google Maps app installed (or an equivalent app that allows GPS coordinates to be entered and shown on a map).
  2. Follow @DB2Geek on Twitter, to receive the clues. Don’t have a Twitter account? Set one up here.

@DB2Geek will begin tweeting clues at midday on Monday 2nd October. There will be four clues in total, and the answer to each one will be needed in order to solve the next. Solving the final clue will give you a numeric code that you’ll need to be in with a chance of winning one of our great prizes.

Our partners DBI Software will be handing out a limited number of invitations to the Triton/DBI drinks reception from booth 4 during the IDUG Expo reception on Monday evening. Simply enter the final numeric code on the reverse of the invitation along with your contact details. During the drinks reception, all cards with correct answers will be placed in a tub and randomly drawn for the prizes.

This year’s top prizes include:

  • 1st Prize – 1 x Roomba 650 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
  • 2nd Prize – 3 x Lugloc Luggage Tracker
  • 3rd Prize – 5 x Tile Slim Item Tracker

So join us at La Trattoria restaurant, Rua Artilharia Um, 79, just a three minute walk from the Epic Sana hotel and don’t forget to pack your comfy shoes.

Keep up to date on our event and other IDUG EMEA updates by subscribing to our newsletter, or following us on Twitter and/or LinkedIn.


Some Geeky Technical Details

The answer to each of the quiz clues will be a numeric latitude/longitude, in Decimal Degrees (DD) format (e.g 52.5695, 1.3568). Please see the Wikipedia article here for more information on this format.

Once you have your answer, you can use Google maps to lead you to the next location. Not sure how to do that? More info can be found on Google’s support page, here.

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