Join us at IDUG EMEA and get social with the DB2 Geek

With just under three weeks to go until the IDUG EMEA 2014 Technical Conference in Prague the Triton team is busy finalising arrangements for this year’s drinks reception. There will be a very familiar face awaiting your arrival this year. The one and only DB2 Geek will be making an appearance and not in the form of a stress toy!  Just remember to smile and say “cheese” when you see him. We would then love you to share your DB2 Geek photos on Twitter using the hashtag #DB2Geek.  You could be in with a chance of winning a limited edition DB2 Geek Lego man.

We will also have some top prizes to give away in our geometric quiz, so be sure to pick up a competition entry leaflet upon arrival. Let the battle between Midrange and Mainframe begin!

This year’s prizes include:

  • 1st prize: Kindle Fire HDX tablet/eReader with Amazon card
  • 2nd prize: PowerUp smartphone-controlled powered paper airplane
  • 3rd prize: Amazon gift card

The DB2 Geeks will be handing out a limited number of invitations to our drinks reception, so remember to ‘Seek a Geek’ at the earliest opportunity on Monday 10th November. The drinks reception will be taking place later that evening from 8pm in the Benada Restaurant, 2nd Floor of the Clarion Congress Hotel.

We hope you can join us. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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The Top Five Reasons for Choosing Remote Database Support – Proactive Vs Reactive

#3 Proactive Vs Reactive

Expert DBA skills are often needed on different projects and so DBAs can find themselves spending more time on non-core functions. This means that the vital monitoring and management of the database can be sidelined.  Overworked DBA teams may not have time to proactively monitor the database.  Instead, only reacting once a problem has occurred and business users are already feeling the effects.

It is important when taking out a remote support contract, to check whether the service provider can offer the option of proactive monitoring. This takes away the concern of problems cropping up unexpectedly and more often than not potential issues are noticed and dealt with before users are even aware of an issue.

It is important when taking out a remote support contract to check whether the service provider can offer the option of proactive monitoring.

Download the white paper – Top Five Reasons for Choosing Remote Database Support 

Find out more about RemoteDBA from Triton Consulting

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DB2 10.5 “Cancun” Experiences: Iqbal Returns to the DB2Night Show

Triton’s very own Iqbal Goralwalla, Head of DB2 Midrange and Managed Services, will be presenting once again on DBI’s DB2Night Show. Iqbal will share early experiences in using DB2 10.5 FP4 “Cancun”.  This will include the use of Shadow tables to facilitate analytical queries on predominantly transactional systems, performance improvements on point queries using Ingest and ELT, thoughts on pureScale “lite”, and some more if time allows!

Register to join the DB2Night Show audience on Friday 17th October at 4-5pm GMT and find out why Iqbal is so excited about the DB2 10.5 “Cancun” release and get real time answers to your questions.

Iqbal has also written a series of articles on DB2 10.5 with BLU Acceleration and the latest “Cancun” release which can be found here


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The Top Five Reasons for Choosing Remote Database Support – Cover

#2 Cover

In our first blog in this series we looked at how cost is a common factor in bringing in external expertise to assist with database support.  The second reason which we have found to be very common amongst our customers is “cover”. 

High or continuous availability (24×7) is a common requirement for today’s “on demand” IT systems and this can put pressure on small or overstretched DBA teams.  Teams can have difficulty providing cover for holiday, sickness or maternity and paternity leave.  Adding to this, the increasing requirement for systems to be available 24×7 with DBA cover required at all times, the pressure on small DBA teams is clear. 

Our customers have found that working alongside a partner who can provide 24×7 DBA cover with contracted response times down to one hour provides the insurance they need. 

Download the white paper – Top Five Reasons for Choosing Remote Database Support 

Find out more about RemoteDBA from Triton Consulting

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Addressing IT skills shortages within Local Authorities

Many local authorities are facing very difficult spending decisions and are dealing with running an IT service which is chronically understaffed in order to meet spending requirements. From working directly with public sector organisations we know how difficult this can be to manage on a day to day basis.

Two of our expert DB2 Consultancy team members have previously worked for Local Authorities and can give first hand examples of how teams are struggling to cope.“When I worked in local government the focus was very much on reducing cost and reducing headcount. This meant there was no longer any budget for a dedicated DB2 DBA” Mark Gillis, Senior DB2 Consultant, Triton Consulting.

We have found this to be a very common problem. In many public sector organisations IT staff are being asked to take on more and more work which is often outside their area of expertise. For example a skilled SQL Server DBA is likely to be able to “get-by” supporting DB2 for a while but if any serious DB2 issues arise then there are bound to be problems. This is a real concern given that most local authorities require their data to be available 24/7 in order to provide critical services such as social care, children’s services and emergency support.

Although many Local Authorities would happily employ one or two more DBAs to cover support of their critical databases the reality is that there just isn’t that kind of budget available. The cost of bringing in extra DB2 skills is a major issue for many organisations, not just in the public sector. Utilising an external support provider can be far more cost effective than bringing in extra permanent resource. The combination of external support working together with internal IT teams works really well for many organisations. External support often sounds expensive but it really doesn’t have to be, in fact organisations can reduce annual support costs by up to 75% with RemoteDBA Office from Triton Consulting compared to one full time DBA.

Find out more about RemoteDBA

Download the white paper – Top Five Reasons for Choosing Remote Database Support

Hampshire County Council choose Triton to provide a three year RemoteDBA support service – read more

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Three steps to IDUG EMEA Happiness

Step One – Seek a Geek

Step Two – Pick up an invitation to the Triton drinks reception

Step Three – Join the Triton party!

With just under three months until IDUG EMEA the Triton team is looking forward to this year’s event. Unfortunately there will be no sipping of drinks on the balcony feeling the warm Spanish sun on your skin. This year the DB2 Geeks will be packing their jumpers and heading back to Prague to discuss everything there is to know about the latest DB2 developments. We’ve already started planning our annual Triton drinks reception so we thought we’d give our blog readers a heads-up on the arrangements made so far.

To gain entry to the Triton drinks reception IDUG EMEA attendees will need to complete a mini challenge.  This year you will need to Seek the Geek! Don’t worry, you won’t be able to miss them, we’ll be providing the Triton team with some rather fetching DB2 Geek t-shirts so they stand out in the crowd.  Once you’ve spotted one simply request an invitation and head over to the Benada Restaurant from 8pm on Monday 10th November. You’ll find the function room on the 2nd Floor of the Clarion Congress Hotel.

Our DB2 Geeks will have a limited number of invitations, so first come first served! The DB2 Geeks are under strict instructions not to hand out invitations until Monday 10th November, so coercing with tea and cake will prove fruitless.

In typical Triton style we’ll have some top prizes on offer to the lucky competition winners – more details to follow. Winners of the competition will be announced on the night, so make sure you stick around to see if you will be crowned The Ultimate DB2 Geek 2014 champion. As usual our event will have the odd surprise so make sure you bring your camera! #DB2Geek

We’ll be providing further information leading up to the event, so we suggest subscribing to our newsletter to keep up to date. 

We look forward to seeing you soon.



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DB2 10 for z/OS withdrawn from marketing – Date Announcement

IBM have announced that DB2 for z/OS will be withdrawn from marketing from 6th July 2015.  This means that DB2 10 along with DB2 10 VUE and the DB2 10 Utility Suite will no longer be available to order.  This gives organisations just over 10 months to make the move to DB2 10.

We have a wealth of information on our website about migrating to DB2 10:

-          Upgrading from DB2 v9 to v10 technical pre-requisites

-          DB2 v8 to DB2 v10 skip migration

-          DB2 10 training and education workshops

-          DB2 10 implementation services

More information is available at the IBM Software Support Lifecycle page

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What are the top five reasons for choosing remote database support?

#1 Cost

No prizes for guessing that cost is a major factor for many organisations that choose remote database support. However, it’s not as clear-cut as you may think. When we looked at this issue more closely we discovered that under the umbrella of “Cost” there were many other factors at play. It is often the perception that organisations need to cut cost and so will simply choose to reduce headcount by outsourcing large chunks of business processes in a bid to save money. This may be the case for some IT and business processes but when you look at more niche IT services such as database support this is rarely the case, especially in the midmarket sector.

Most of our customers have been faced with the issue of needing more DBA resource but not having the budget to employ an extra person. This puts real pressure on the team who have to manage growing workloads and tougher demands from the business. It is especially difficult for small teams to cope at busy times of the year or holiday season.

We have also seen some organisations using DB2 only for a niche part of their overall IT infrastructure. It is often difficult to make a business case for employing a full time DB2 DBA in this instance and so the organisation is forced to rely upon existing Oracle or SQL Server DBAs. This can become a problem if any serious DB2 support issues arise.

In both of these scenarios by utilising an external support provider, organisations can benefit from additional DBA support far more cheaply than if they had to employ another permanent member of staff. This combination of in-house and external support works well for many organisations.

Download the white paper - Top Five Reasons for Choosing Remote Database Support

Find out more about RemoteDBA from Triton Consulting

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Top 10 DB2 Support Nightmares & How to Avoid Them #4

Here is part four in our top ten DB2 support nightmares series. Here we look at DBA performance!

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Feeling Unsupported?

Sometimes it is necessary for organisations to stay on older, unsupported database versions. There are many reasons why an organisation may choose or be forced to stay on an out of support version of DB2:

- Cost – an upgrade can be expensive both in terms of licence fees and manpower to manage the upgrade

- Time – the time involved for the upgrade may mean that key staff would be pulled off everyday duties for too long

- Risk to existing applications – some applications may only support DB2 up to a certain release. Moving to a newer version could therefore cause serious problems for the running of the application

- Good old inertia! Yes, sometimes organisations simply can’t find the time to think about an upgrade and “if it ain’t broke , don’t fix it

Any of this sound familiar? Whatever the reason for staying on an unsupported version of DB2 it can mean a considerable amount of risk should any problems arise.

Consultancy on Demand is available on all versions of DB2 including those which are officially out of support with IBM. This means that even if you’re forced to stay on an officially unsupported DB2 version you can still benefit from access to top DB2 skills when you need them.

Using Consultancy on Demand for out of support DB2 versions is a great “insurance policy” for your DB2 database. Find out more about Consultancy on Demand

IBM DB2 for LUW out of support versions

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