Tooling for the future?

Hey everyone. I’ve started to think about the various tools which I’ve put together in the last few years. This is stuff that I’ve written to make my life easier – well, nobody likes to work too hard, do they?! It has done everything from allowing me to automate significant work items on customer sites, to just presenting information in a more managable way.
I’m now thinking about ideas for other tooling that would help make tedious or fiddly tasks simpler. Most of the current tooling is Windows based. Some of the tools have been ported to AIX and Linux (premig and some driver DLLs) but the others could make it over there as well.
One of my favourites is Restore, which does the whole redirected restore, including the tablespace container work. It’s able to do this because it maps out the tablespace data in the backup, so knows what it needs to reapply. This can then be done with specific targetted paths or files in the config file, or with generic pathing. Works with backups on the filesystem or in TSM. Quite neat, really!
More on my DB2 tooling thoughts to come….
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