Snapshot Monitoring Tool – Latest

The data capture aspects (“snapper”) of the snapshot monitoring tool are now complete. Thread scheduling has been verified, along with the timer thread operation and the communications thread.
A small command line utility has also been written to tell snapper to shutdown.
Work has started on the receiver (“snapsave”), which will interpret the DB2 monitor data stream passed to it by snapper. The framework has been written (database connectivity, tcp/ip connection to snapper, monitor stream retrieval) and had some minimalistic testing.
Have just started work on the code to interpret the stream and save the results to DB2. The header record (first element) – which will be the parent data for any of the snapshot types is just about done.
Once this is working, I’ll start on the DATABASE MANAGER snapshot stream.
Once this is all tested and working nicely, I’ll do a little work on a Apache/PHP/Web-browser based front end. Just to prove it all hangs together, I’ll sort something out on this once the DBM snapshot decode is done.
Once we’ve proved the architecture, we can start work on the other streams. Current focus is on (all database specific):
  • Database Manager (instance)
  • Database
  • Application
  • Locks
  • Tables
  • Tablespaces
  • Bufferpools
  • Dynamic SQL

More next week…

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