DB2 9.5 not available for Linux on IA64

For those of you using Linux on the Itanium-64 bit (IA64) platform, note that DB2 9.5 is not available for Linux on IA64. The last supported DB2 version for Linux on IA64 is DB2 9. This is because Linux on IA64 is not a high growth platform for IBM and in fact quite the opposite. Customers appear to be choosing Linux on x86-64 in droves but that is not the case for Linux on IA64 . Moreover, unless demands from the marketplace change, there is no plan for supporting DB2 for Linux on IA64 going forward.

Here are the links which suggest that DB2 9.5 is not available for the Linux on Itanium-64 bit (IA64) platform:


while DB2 9 is supported on Linux on Itanium-64 bit (IA64):



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