24/7 System Availability

In a news posting on Silicon.com on 7th Jan it was reported that salesforce.com experienced a service disruption on 6th January leaving system users unable to access their applications.  The problem occurred when a core network device failed, stopping all data from being processed.  When the system failed to trigger a failover to redundant systems, Salesforce.com staff had to carry out a manual recovery.

According to the article, most of the services were restored within an hour and all services were back online shortly after.

Thankfully, the outage was put right within a few hours, however this story hightlights some of the potential issues with failover systems and how service delivery can potentially be affected.  In this instance, the recovery had to be carried out manually meaning a delay to the recovery of service.  This sort of issue highlights where a solution such as GRIDSCALE from Xkoto can be used to eliminate the complexity associated with fail-over systems.  GRIDSCALE uses datbase virtualization technology that manages multiple active -active database copies running anywhere on the network.  True continuous availability.

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