Business Benefits of DB2 9.7

IBM has been making huge technical strides with their flagship database, DB2, over the past few years. As expected, the recent launch of DB2 9.7 has not failed to impress, incorporating even more improvements.

DB2 9.7, also known as the COBRA release, has made up significant ground on Oracle. The ease with which organisations are now able to migrate from Oracle to DB2 has been enhanced so dramatically that it is now an enticing option. Previously the time taken to migrate an Oracle-based application to DB2 would take weeks, if not months. This can now be achieved in a matter of days.

A recent study by ITG, DB2 9.7 costs were shown to be 36% less than Oracle.

In our latest article – DB2 gets more bit with COBRA, we look at the cost savings and technology updates in this latest version of DB2.

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