Did your DBA team get burnt this summer?

As the bbq summer progressed, temperatures rose (well, there was that one week in May) and we all disappeared off on our Staycations, were the frazzled DBA team the only ones who got burnt?

Burnt-out that is.  There are certain times during the year when the office looks distinctly empty.  Summer holidays and Christmas being the most obvious.  If you add a few summer colds (we’re not mentioning swine flu) and a couple of days off sick, things can get really sticky.

We all know how vital it is that our business critical databases are kept running and we’re able to give customers the high levels of support they depend on.  However, this can be difficult during times when DBA teams are thin on the ground.  Even more so if your DBA team provides cover 24/7.

Knowing that you have a back-up support team can help you to better plan for those times when the team is under extra pressure whether that’s due to holidays, sickness or seasonal spikes in business.

With a Consultancy on Demand contract you can purchase a block of hours and allocate them to be used during the year, when you need that little bit of extra support.

If your DB2 databases are used to support mission critical applications you’re likely to benefit from our Remote DBA service.  Almost like an insurance policy on your database, Remote DBA is there if and when things go wrong. With Proactive Monitoring you can be safe in the knowledge that nothing will get missed.

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