DB2 Cloning Tool for z/OS

Fast, automated DB2 cloning and refresh operations to boost results

17th November 4pm UTC

There are many reasons to clone DB2 systems and refresh table spaces; create test environments, stage data-warehouse loads and offload business processed from production to other environments.  Traditional methods are time-consuming, use large amounts of host processing resources and, when copying DB2 systems, require a separate LPAR to house the copy.  Because manual effort is required to research and clone data, you risk impacting your systems availability.

Today’s storage-based fast replication technologies provide services to copy DB2 data instantaneously and without using host CPU or I/O resources.  Join us for this complimentary teleconference and learn how the IBM DB2 Cloning Tool for z/OS copies entire DB2 systems within the same or shared LPAR using storage-based fast replication and how volume identifiers and DB2 metadata are managed to allow the data to be used quickly by a cloned DB2 system.

This in-depth look at the DB2 cloning Tool for z/OS will also cover how the product:

  • Automatically translates the object IDs that differ between source and target subsystems
  • Quickly clones DB2 subsystems, DB2 table spaces or index spaces to create up-to-date test environments
  • Clones a DB2 subsystem by renaming and cataloging the data sets, fixing the volume internals and updating the DB2 internal control information

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