Julian’s IOD 2009 Blog – Day 1

25th October 2009

Day 1 of the gold briefing here in sunny Las Vegas, and as always I’m astounded by the amount of new and exciting technology heading our way. IBM will be making several big announcements when the main IOD conference starts on Monday and I’ll cover a few of the major ones here as they happen. In the meantime, there are a couple of themes already beginning to emerge from the Gold sessions that are worth thinking about.

The first of these is the concept of “Information-Led Transformation”, something we’ll be hearing a lot about over the coming months. IBM has long provided enterprises with the basic tools to effectively store and manage their data and content, with products such as DB2, IMS, Informix and Content Manager storing a huge proportion of the world’s business data. During the past few years, the capabilities of these platforms have been steadily expanded as part of the “Information On Demand” strategy. Products such as InfoSphere help to integrate diverse information silos and deliver consistent, trusted information that can be used for advanced analytics and thereby help to improve business performance. IBM has spent more than $12 billion in acquisitions in this area, with Cognos and more recently SPSS filling significant gaps in the Information Management product portfolio by providing advanced reporting and analytical capabilities.

Last year, IBM launched the “Information Agenda”: a strategy to wrap the expanding Information On Demand stack with a comprehensive set of services, roadmaps and industry-specific data models to help customers to more rapidly exploit the capabilities of the technology. Over 1,000 engagements later, this is now a proven approach that has been applied to enterprises all around the world.

And so to the present, and the latest step in the evolution of IBMs grand plan. This year’s big push is to use the flexible information platform delivered by the Information On Demand stack and the Information Agenda to not just improve the performance of your existing business but to help to fundamentally transform the business itself: Information-Led Transformation. This is a bold claim, and one that will require another significant expansion in IBM’s technology and services offerings if it is to stand a chance of succeeding. More information on this following the announcements later in the week…

Finally, we should remember that the evolution I’ve described is not a purely sequential process. The data and content management products that form the bedrock for this grand strategy continue to be developed and enhanced, and later this week I’ll speak more about some exciting new features coming soon to a DB2 near you.

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