Optim certification – I passed!

After sitting the Optim sales mastery exam and successfully passing it, I can honestly say that having a hands on approach with the product was definitely the best way forward. My revision otherwise would have been laborious, in that everything would have been based around reading pdf…after pdf…after pdf. I am of the opinion that this not the most efficient way to learn. For me a ‘new product’ such as Optim cannot be mastered to any sort of level by reading, revision requires some sort of application interaction.


Although, it could be said that the ‘beginners’ nature of the exam did not really require much in the way of real life application interaction and I could have navigated through the exam quite easily with traditional reading. It all depends upon the individual. I for one found it much easier to move away from the pdf files and make use of the application and try some things out, it allows for the information you have read to really sink in.


The exam itself was multiple choice and covered everything from installation through to archiving and more, a broad subject area. Optim can be quite an involved application which is measured by the complexities of your database environment. So the learning curve can be intense but also rewarding when set-up properly.


This particular exam touched on each subject area covered within the revision notes guide, but did not get too technically challenging. The exam is as it says on the tin “a way of examing a users basic knowledge of the subject and whether they know what they are selling.”


In my next blog I will be looking at installing Optim…

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