Benefits of DB2 9 & looking forward to DB2 X

Despite several key performance enhancements delivered in DB2 version 8, some new customers saw little or no overall improvement due to the overheads inherent in the move to 64-bit architecture and other architectural changes.  DB2 9 reverses this trend, delivering another set of significant performance enhancements without any additional overheads.

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Looking forward to DB2 X

The latest news on what’s to come in the next version of DB2, currenly named DB2 X is largely around CPU savings.  There is also a major push on analytics as part of the Information-Led Transformation Strategy that IBM have developed.  As a result there have been extensions to the core databse engine in DB2 X to support warehousing queries and IBM has begin to talk of a much more fundamental and exciting development in the shape of it’s “Smart Analytics Optimiser”.  This is essentially a BI/analytics appliance aimed at boosting the database query performance of the servers that it is attached to.  The really big news is that it will be available to connect to system z servers very allowing DB2 for z/OS to offload suitable workload to the SAO for processing this bringing performance and cost advantages to the business.

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