Complimentary DB2 10 for z/OS Beta Webcast

New DB2 10 for z/OS Security Features Help Satisfy Your Auditors without impacting your production applications – coming on 6th July

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Business, regulatory, and customer privacy continue to require tighter controls over access to your critical data stored in DB2.

DB2 10 plans to continue to expand its data-centric security solutions by allowing data administrators to establish security policies or security logic on tables with restricted data, thus, enforcing security controls on all applications and tools that access the restricted data. Businesses are able to comply with new regulations without changes to existing applications since security logic is separated from application logic. The evolution of security policies also becomes easier to deploy since the security logic can be automatically deployed against all SQL access to the data. These controls can prevent the use of SQL to bypass views, application security logic, or prevent the use of SQL Injection to attack a DB2………

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