Five Days in the Labs – Part 1

Last month we were delighted to be given the opportunity to visit IBM’s research and development centre in Boeblingen, Germany.  Before I get on to what exactly we were doing there I’d like to share a little information about the centre itself as it’s quite a place!  Opened in 1953, Boeblingen is host to a whopping 2000 IT specialists, electrical engineers and physicists working on over 40 projects!  Their focus is on the development of next generation microprocessors, mainframes and supercomputers and enterprise software to control business processes.  In addition, Boeblingen is one of the largest LINUX and SAP integration centres within IBM.  So we were rightly excited about the visit. 

The reason for the trip was to carry out our own research and development work on IBM’s newest technology release – IBM DB2 pureScale.  Ever since hearing the first announcement last year, our team of DB2 experts have been itching to get their hands on the software and see what it can do.  The most exciting thing about this trip was that we were to be the first IBM Business Partners in Europe to get a look at DB2 pureScale in action – what a fantastic opportunity!

So, three of our DB2 experts set off for five days in the labs.  After a warm welcome from the pureScale team in Boeblingen, it was soon down to business.  As an R&D team the brief was to gain practical experience in the installation, operation and use of a DB2 pureScale environment, as well as testing DB2 pureScale for scalability and resilience.

Meet the team

Iqbal Goralwalla – Head of DB2 Midrange Solutions
Specialist DB2 pureScale subject – DB2 Self-Tuning Memory Manager (STMM), Bufferpools and Workload Balancing

James Gill – DB2 for z/OS and data sharing expert
Specialist DB2 pureScale subject – Coupling Facility

Clair Ross – DB2 Midrange expert
Specialist DB2 pureScale subject – Insert Load & Replication

Over the next few weeks the team will be blogging about their specialist subjects and what they have learned during their five days in the labs.

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  1. db2dave says:

    Thank you for sharing so much, particularly the dynamism that is driving future developments.

  2. laura says:

    Thanks for the comment db2dave. Our resident DB2 experts are really excited about the capabilities of pureScale will be sharing their findings soon…

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