A growing online retail sector needs the right IT solution to support customer service

According to a report from econsultancy.com 34% of shoppers prefer to buy online.  As buying habits change and consumers move more towards online shopping, the need for a robust and scalable IT infrastructure becomes greater.  According to Internet Retailing, internet retail sales in the UK hit £49.8 billion, up 21% from 2008. Overall, up to 33 million consumers made an online purchase last year. Consumers need to have speedy access to the products they’re searching for at the time they want to purchase.  Whether they’re shopping on Black Friday, Cyber Monday or the latest peak day of Boxing Day, consumers expect the same level of website response times and customer service.

IBM’s DB2 purescale feature fits the bill as it gives online retail organisations the scalability, flexibility and availability that is essential for their success.

“If you’re a retailer with a high volume online transaction environment then pureScale is going to be absolutely ideal for you. You’ll be able to increase capacity when you need to at the really busy times like Christmas and the January sales and scale back at the times when you’re experiencing less demand. Plus, we’ve not mentioned here the need for continuous availability, pretty much every organisation would like continuous availability but for online retailers it’s essential.” Clair Ross, DB2 LUW expert, Triton Consulting.

Find out more about DB2 pureScale and read about what our consultants learned when they visited IBM labs to road test DB2 pureScale for themselves.

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