The industry’s fastest, most scalable and flexible enterprise server – IBM zEnterprise System

Last week IBM unveiled their latest mainframe – the IBM zEnterprise System.

According to the official launch site the zEnterprise brings:

  • The industry’s fastest enterprise system.  Delivering 50 BIPS, zEnterprise is ideal for large-scale data and transaction serving and mission critical enterpris applications.
  • Unified management for multi-platform environments.  Unified Resource Manager, part of the IBM System Director family, is an integrated System z management facility responsible for zEnterprise platform management.
  • Customer choice of workload optimisation systems.  Run on the system besst suited for each appllication – AIX on IBM Power7 Blaed or Linux System x Blaed, all managed by zEnterprise.  Workload-specific optimisers can accelerate time to insight and reduce costs.
  • Predictable service delviery. zEnterpruse is built on best-in-class systems and software technologies.  It’s a system of systems that unifies for rapid, predictable service delivery.

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