IBM Launch DB2 9.8 Advanced Enterprise Edition

We’re pleased to discover that IBM have announced the introduction of DB2 Advanced Enterprise Edition.  In an effort to simplify their offering to Enterprise customers IBM have made significant changes which will also bring far better value for money.

The new Advanced Enterprise Edition will include as standard a whole range of features which were add-ons in previous Enterprise Edition releases.  Including:

  • Engine: DB2 Enterprise Server Edition
  • Compression: Storage Optimization feature
  • Performance Tuning: Workload Management & Optim Performance Manager
  • Tools: Optim Database Administrator & Optim Development Studio
  • Federation: both Oracle & DB2
  • Simple active/active HA: Q-Replication between two DB2 LUW source/targets
  • Security: Label based access control

The list price for Advanced Enterprise Edition is only 10% greater than standard Enterprise Server Edition and so offers fantastic value. 

Find out more info here

and here

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