A Welcome Return To IDUG

The feeling at this year’s IDUG EMEA conference in Vienna is almost nostalgic.  Gosh, has it really been 6 years since I last attended an IDUG conference?  I was frequently reminded of how long it’s been by my colleagues from the IBM Toronto Lab – great to see the familiar faces again albeit with a distinctive shade of a particular hair colour this time around!

The day began with a great keynote by Jeff Jones, Chief Scientist, Entity Analytics, IBM in which he reminded the audience how easily we are being “watched” due to our “consumer” nature.  He emphasized the importance  of keeping a balance between security and privacy.

As usual, Matt Huras did an excellent job with his DB2 Internals presentations.  A great way to start the conference from midrange folks.  The evening saw a reception to mark the launch of the exhibition – it was great to mingle with the crowd and meet new people.  Looking forward to tomorrow …

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