Another comprehensive win for DB2 9.7 over Oracle Database

The latest report from our DB2 9.7 Vs Oracle Database 11g ease of use study shows that DB2 is a massive 50% less complex than Oracle Database for performing Data Compression.

One of the key differences between the two database products is that DB2 9.7 supports full XML compression regardless of where the XML data is stored.  In contrast, Oracle Database requires that XML data be stored externally to use compression.  This requires additional syntax for each column definition and so adds complexity.  In addition to that, DB2 9.7 compresses data across the row within the entire table, rather than only compressing duplicates with a single data block page as in the case with Oracle Database.

“Data compression in Oracle Database could take up to 46 minutes of DBA time to complete. In contrast, the same data compression task for DB2 would take approximately 23 minutes.  In addition to time savings, DB2’s lower complexity also results in reduced skill requirements and a reduced risk of errors which can impact on quality of service.” Iqbal Goralwalla, Head of DB2 Midrange, Triton Consulting.

DB2 9.7 Vs Oracle Database 11g

The white paper with a breakdown for each task can be downloaded here –

Complexity analysis is a new approach to evaluating and communicating the usability of software and is based on established research as described in this document

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