Day 3 at IDUG EMEA

Today was a jam packed day of presentations. Similar to yesterday being a “pureScale day” for me, today was a “performance day.” I am sure this was not by accident and the IDUG EMEA 2010 conference/program committee have to be admired for their thoughtfulness in creating the program. Steve Rees gave excellent presentations on DB2 performance diagnostics. The new MON_* table functions and the “time spent” metrics introduced in DB2 9.7 that allow you to break down where time is being spent on your database server, will definitely aid the monitoring stack available to the DBA.  Steve will be adding some very useful performance monitoring scripts on the IDUB website/code place soon. Be sure to check these out. The last presentation I attended was on Index design by Scott Hayes @srhayes. As always, Scott was entertaining and full of wise tips.

The day culminated in a very well organized DB2 10 on Z launch party by IBM. Being a midrange person, I shamelessly accepted the invite. But, hey aren’t we all part of one [DB2] family?!

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