Get ready for the big fight live!

Following the success of our last appearance on the DB2Night Show we are delighted to report that we have been invited back to share the findings of our recent DB2 Vs Oracle useability study.

Join the team live on 21st April to see the first 3 rounds of this epic dual!

About the study
Late last year our team of experts carried out an objective assessment of the complexity of several routine DBA activities, comparing Oracle Database 11g R2 and DB2 9.7. To ensure that the study was objective we used an independent Oracle DBA to run the Oracle tasks. During the course of this study we found that DB2 9.7 holds a significant advantage in every single category we tested!

Join Triton and experts from the IBM labs in Toronto for a full round-up of the findings on 21st April & 28th April

Download the white paper here.

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