Day 2 at IDUG EMEA – All about DB2 9.7

From Iqbal Goralwalla

Day 2 started in full swing early in the morning. The day was packed with excellent presentations. 2 notable ones from the ones I attended were SQL on Fire (III) by Serge Rielau (IBM) and New Features in DB2 Fixpaks by Melanie Stopfer (IBM).

As usual, Serge discussed many neat tips in his presentation. He talked about customising sessions using a stored procedure that could be passed in to the CONNECT_PROC (Connect procedure name) database configuration parameter that was introduced in DB2 9.7 FP4; the LISTAGG function (DB2 9.7, FP5) which aggregates a set of string values for the group into one string; splitting strings using the UNNEST table function; when to use arrays vs. temporary tables; inlined vs compiled SQL PL.

Melanie went through all the excellent features in DB2 9.7 Fixpaks 1-5.

I attended the IBM Champions lunch where it was great to meet fellow Champions, and IBMers.

Lastly, word is out that 2 of the DB2 Geeks have passed their DB2 z/OS certifications. The pressure is on for the LUW DB2 Geek! There may not be a blog tomorrow … 🙂

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