41-54% DB2 CPU Reduction Achieved using zIIP

In a current customer engagement we are enabling zIIP to reduce CPU consumption.  Our first overnight install has been a great success.  On the 1st mainframe LPAR (out of 4) we are seeing initial signs of 41-54% DB2 CPU reduction – this will equate to big CPU savings for the customer.

For some time now, DB2 for z/OS has been the major user and benefactor of the zIIP engine: one of a number of System z technologies collectively known as “speciality processors”.  The System z Integrated Information Processor (zIIP) is the most recent addition to the speciality engine family, and has been available since 2006. It is designed to offload specific types of data and transaction processing workloads for business intelligence, ERP and CRM, and network encryption. No changes are required to the application in order to make use of a zIIP – once it has been enabled, eligible workloads can take advantage of it immediately.

For more information in zIIP read our DB2 Geek article and watch this space for further updates on our progress!

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