Customer says best feature in DB2 9.7 is Storage Optimization…

…it gave compression of up to 5 times resulting in more space savings and enhanced performance.

In 2011 we worked with one of our longest standing customers, Holiday Extras, on a migration project and helped them migrate from their DB2 9.5 environment to a virtualised environment running DB2 9.7. 

It wasn’t a case of a simple back-up and restore onto the new system because of differences in the engines of the different systems. It was necessary to recreate the entire database again for each database. This included all the tables and stored procedures and then exporting and reloading all of the data. This covered 600 tables and over 1000 stored procedures, all of which had to be moved and tested individually.

Triton provided the expertise and knowledge that Holiday Extras did not have in-house. Although they are very competent in DB2 they did not have the relevant practical experience of this type of migration. Triton also helped Holiday Extras to leverage all the available new features in DB2 9.7 to their best advantage to improve query times, scalability and reliability.

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