DB2 10.1 For LUW Goes Time Travelling!

It’s well known that DB2 10.1 for LUW delivers new capabilities to help us all save time and money. The new version reduces the complexity of management, improves your developers and DBAs’ productivity, eases the effort with deploying new applications and lowers your overall data management cost.

One of the features we at Triton Consulting are particularly fond of is the Time Travel Query which assists with business trend analysis and application development. Based on the SQL 2011 standard, it’s integrated into the database engine to provide significant performance and manageability advantages. Normally it’s both expensive and complicated for companies to develop their own infrastructure for temporal data management, for example, additional tables, triggers and application logic, however, Time Travel Query makes your database time-aware and keeps a history of data changes by using temporal tables.

It’s easier to travelling to the past and the future, giving you the ability to query data at various points in time, removing the need for building, maintaining and administering a complex temporal infrastructure. A few further advantages to gain by using Time Travel Query are:

• Providing cost-effective means to resolve auditing and compliance issues
• Achieving traceability of backdated corrections
• Lowering costs with efficient SQL coding of complex time-focused operations
• Shortening of application development time
• Reducing time to deployment
• Creating a time-based warehouse at low cost

Databases can easily store the history of a table so you can query the past state of your data. It’s also possible to assign a date range to a row to show when it’s deemed to be valid according to your business rules. Maintaining audit trails for regulatory compliance becomes a great deal easier by using the Time Travel Query.

Stop Press – Time Travelling In Action coming soon – watch this space!

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