Triton introduces ‘DBA as a Service’

‘As a service’…., I’m sure you have heard this phrase time and time again over the last couple of years – not just in IT circles but also in the wider media. More common phrases such as ‘Software as a Service’, ‘Platform as a Service’ and ‘Infrastructure as a Service’ are now being joined by less common ones such as ‘Test Environment as a Service’.

All of the above ‘As a service’ variations demonstrate common ‘As a service’ characteristics such as being delivered remotely over a network, efficient to deploy, highly scalable, cost-effective and flexible. The applications offered by Triton are no different – indeed, we are pleased to provide DBA as a Service (DBAaaS).

Triton’s industry-leading Remote DBA service offers the reassurance of stable, secure management for all components of a client’s DB2 infrastructure, without the associated staffing and technical costs. DBA as a Service is now available internationally – click here for more information.

Common ‘As a service’ features such as improved manageability and less maintenance apply to DBAaaS – the stable, efficient database over-the-network infrastructure supports customers’ critical business applications. To read more click here .

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