New Podcast! RemoteDBA – Questions answered

What is RemoteDBA?  How does it work?  Why do I need it?

In our latest podcast we speak to Iqbal Goralwalla who heads up our RemoteDBA team and Klaas Brant of KBCE.  In this podcast Iqbal and Klaas explain how the new partnership between our two organisations works, how RemoteDBA works and they share some of their own experiences of DB2 support scenarios.

RemoteDBA is a DB2 support service designed to provide expert DB2 support around the clock and around the world!  The service is provided by a team of highly skilled DB2 consultants, we help organisations across the globe on a daily basis to keep their mission critical data available and running smoothly.  Some of those organisations have DB2 DBAs in-house and we work alongside them, some of those organisations have no DB2 expertise at all.

How RemoteDBA from Triton works:

RemoteDBA Support

Find out more about RemoteDBA

Top 10 DB2 Support Nightmares and how to avoid them! Download the article here.

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