Database Reliability and Deployment Trends Survey 2013

IBM DB2 customers are among the most satisfied in the industry

A recent survey by ITIC – has highlighted DB2 as providing the highest reliability and customer satisfaction ratings for product performance, security, technical service and support and the value of it’s pricing and licencing agreements.

The report results indicate that the inherent reliability of the major database platforms remains strong and continues to improve as the technology advances.

The survey explored a number of topics including:

• Inherent database reliability, high availability

• Impact of increased workloads on reliability

• Satisfaction with their vendors’ technical service and support and product warranties

• Specific situations that negatively impacted database reliability

• Manageability and ease of use

• Security

• Mission critical confidence of the database to support data intensive workloads

• Load performance/reliability of databases

Top stats from the survey

86% of IBM DB2 customers chose the platform for its reliability

Just 56% of respondents selected Oracle DB for its reliability

76% of IBM DB2 customers selected it on the basis of its high performance

87% of IBM DB2 users gave the database high marks for manageability

Just 46% of Oracle DB users gave the platform high marks for manageability

40% of organisations now keep 1 to 5 Terabytes of data in their databases

39% said that database integration and interoperability issues have the most impact on database reliability

84% of IBM DB2 survey participants indicated that performance improved “significantly” or “somewhat” in the past 12 to 24 months

79% of businesses have not done a total database replacement in the last three years

The survey went on to state that “results show that even the most inherently reliable databases and server hardware platforms can be undone by human error or lack of adequate manpower in the IT department”

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