What are the top five reasons for choosing remote database support?

#1 Cost

No prizes for guessing that cost is a major factor for many organisations that choose remote database support. However, it’s not as clear-cut as you may think. When we looked at this issue more closely we discovered that under the umbrella of “Cost” there were many other factors at play. It is often the perception that organisations need to cut cost and so will simply choose to reduce headcount by outsourcing large chunks of business processes in a bid to save money. This may be the case for some IT and business processes but when you look at more niche IT services such as database support this is rarely the case, especially in the midmarket sector.

Most of our customers have been faced with the issue of needing more DBA resource but not having the budget to employ an extra person. This puts real pressure on the team who have to manage growing workloads and tougher demands from the business. It is especially difficult for small teams to cope at busy times of the year or holiday season.

We have also seen some organisations using DB2 only for a niche part of their overall IT infrastructure. It is often difficult to make a business case for employing a full time DB2 DBA in this instance and so the organisation is forced to rely upon existing Oracle or SQL Server DBAs. This can become a problem if any serious DB2 support issues arise.

In both of these scenarios by utilising an external support provider, organisations can benefit from additional DBA support far more cheaply than if they had to employ another permanent member of staff. This combination of in-house and external support works well for many organisations.

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