The Top Five Reasons for Choosing Remote Database Support – Cover

#2 Cover

In our first blog in this series we looked at how cost is a common factor in bringing in external expertise to assist with database support.  The second reason which we have found to be very common amongst our customers is “cover”. 

High or continuous availability (24×7) is a common requirement for today’s “on demand” IT systems and this can put pressure on small or overstretched DBA teams.  Teams can have difficulty providing cover for holiday, sickness or maternity and paternity leave.  Adding to this, the increasing requirement for systems to be available 24×7 with DBA cover required at all times, the pressure on small DBA teams is clear. 

Our customers have found that working alongside a partner who can provide 24×7 DBA cover with contracted response times down to one hour provides the insurance they need. 

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