Let Triton add some DB2 Magic to your Christmas holidays

It’s nearly the most wonderful time of the year.  Or something.  Whatever your thoughts on Christmas, whether you’re a fairy lights over your laptop or more of a Grinch who stole Christmas kind of techie there is no escape from the inevitable holiday silly season.  Providing adequate cover for your DB2 databases over holiday seasons can be difficult.  For DBAs who don’t work in the AVIVAs and Lloyds of this world (who have large teams to support their databases) holiday season can be a lonely and stressful time.  In organisations with just one or two DBAs, managing holiday cover can be very difficult. 

 How about a RemoteDBA service? “We have our own DBA and they’re great, we don’t need a support contract” we hear you cry.  Well we’re glad to hear that your DBA is doing a great job but sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in a day. 

Christmas is supposed to be full of magic right? Well, did you know that Triton are not only DB2 experts but we’re magicians too……We can actually give your DBA more hours in their day!  Sort of. 

RemoteDBA can easily work alongside existing DBAs to help provide support out of hours and during busy periods.  One of our existing customers, Vision Express, has an in house DBA.  However, that person also has responsibility for many other areas.  You can read the case study here to find out more.

 “Triton continues to provide an excellent level of support and guidance” Phil Wainman, Head of Database Intelligence, Vision Express – Read more

Find out more about how you can use Triton’s RemoteDBA service to have yourself a merry little Christmas and very productive New Year!

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