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IDUG EMEA 2015 Day 3

So, Day 3 of this year’s IDUG Europe is in the books, and as usual it’s been a busy one. After all of the frantic activity leading up to Monday’s Triton/DBI party, last night the DB2 Geeks stepped it down … Continue reading

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IDUG EMEA 2014 – Day 1

So, that’s another IDUG EMEA conference opening day in the history books – my 16th since I attended my first conference in Barcelona back in 1997. I actually arrived in Prague yesterday morning after a VERY early flight from the … Continue reading

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Managing Mainframe Costs in the Financial Services Sector

Over the past 25 years of working with Mainframes, one aspect has proved to be a constant challenge – Mainframe pricing.  Mainframe software charges are usually based on peak usage.   Whatever an organisations’ peak workload in a given month is … Continue reading

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Bringing Business Analytics to Big Iron

Traditionally DB2 for z/OS was considered to be primarily an OLTP data server, with the DB2 for Linux, Unix and Windows variant being a more common choice for analytics and data warehousing duties. This approach is often dictated by cost … Continue reading

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DB2 10 for z/OS – New feature announcement

DB2 10 for z/OS has been GA since October 2010, but one or two features weren’t quite ready at that time. One of the more eagerly awaited enhancements extend the access path management capabilities of DB2 10, via the APREUSE … Continue reading

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DB2 10 for z/OS – Why IT Executives Need to Take Note

This release of DB2 10 for z/OS should make IT executives sit up and listen when their technical teams come to them with their upgrade justifications and this is why…. At the end of October 2010 IBM launched the latest version … Continue reading

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APAR UPDATE – INSERT performance in critical DB2 9 for z/OS tables

Are you trying to improve INSERT performance in your critical DB2 9 for z/OS tables? Many DB2 experts have given excellent presentations on this important subject, and there are several good techniques you can use to reduce the elapsed time for … Continue reading

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Database Journal – IBM Information Management Trends

In his latest article for Database Journal Julian Stuhler shares his pick of the most important current trends in the world of IBM Information Management. Some are completely new and some are evolutions of existing technologies, and he’s betting that every … Continue reading

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Justifying the Upgrade to IBM DB2 10 for z/OS

In his column for Database Journal Julian Stuhler looks at how an upgrade to DB2 10 can be justified. Under current economic conditions IT professionals are being asked to give short-term business benefit cases before any major infrastructure upgrade is agreed. … Continue reading

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How many DB2 for z/OS Stored Procedures?

As always, the answer to this is “it depends”! However, here are some basic rules of thumb that you may find useful: • Define an application environment specifically for your Java stored procedures. This should have NUMTCB set to a … Continue reading

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