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Top 10 DB2 Support Nightmares & How to Avoid Them #3

Here is part three in our top ten DB2 support nightmares series. Here we look at why organisations can’t get by without a skilled DBA. Download if you dare! Top 10 DB2 support nightmares #3 from LauraHood

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Do you know what’s going on under the covers?

It is often the case that software applications are shipped alongside their preferred database, installed and used effectively with no issues. It doesn’t usually make too much difference what the database of choice by the application vendor is, as long … Continue reading

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Julian Stuhler talks about DB2 11 – Big Data & Analytics

Triton’s Solutions Delivery Director Julian Stuhler talks about DB2 11 – The Database for Big Data & Analytics – listen and see how DB2 11 can help your businesses reduce costs. Read Julian’s latest article for IBM Data Magazine – How … Continue reading

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INGEST as an ETL Tool – Don’t miss Mark Gillis on the DB2Night Show Tomorrow!

Listen to the REPLAY Our very own Mark Gillis will be making his debut appearance on the DB2Night Show tomorrow – make sure you tune in! Mark is one of our top DB2 experts working on DB2 LUW and supporting … Continue reading

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Happy 50th Birthday Mainframe!

To celebrate Mainframe’s 50th birthday some of our Triton Consultants share their favourite mainframe stories: My first contact with the mainframe was as a lowly graduate Trainee Programmer at a large chocolate manufacturer. All programs were stored on punch cards; partly … Continue reading

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IT cost reduction & optimisation top the priority list for Mainframe customers

In their recent Mainframe study, BMC Software asked Mainframe customers what their top 4 IT priorities were. Cost reduction and optimisation came out at the top with 85% of respondents citing Cost reduction as one of their key priorities. The … Continue reading

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Triton customer CPA Global talk about why Consultancy on Demand works

CPA Global is the world’s top intellectual property (IP) management and IP software specialist, and a leading provider of outsourced legal services. With offices across Europe, the United States and Asia Pacific, CPA Global supports many of the world’s best … Continue reading

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Great NEW event from IDUG in the UK – Technical Seminar London 2014

IDUG and IBM have announced a free one day technical seminar in London this April. This is a really special event which will have two of IBM’s top Distinguished Engineers; John Campbell from the Silicon Valley Lab and Namik Hrle … Continue reading

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Are you currently experiencing issues with DB2 database management and resourcing?

Find out how organisations like yours are managing these issues.  Whether you have a small in-house team or are struggling to find DB2 resources, RemoteDBA can provide DB2 support and management around the clock, wherever you are in the world. … Continue reading

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Mainframe customers who have outsourced their IT infrastructure could be missing out on cost saving opportunities

If you are a large organisation running IBM Mainframe you could be paying too much for your enterprise software. Most Mainframe software charges are based on peak CPU usage, so whatever your peak in a given month is what you … Continue reading

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