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As power consumption continues to rise so does the size of the datacentre

A recent survey by Campos Research of 300 senior datacentre executives found that power consumption continues to increase by rack but that virtually all respondents are planning to expand their datacentres.* This research provides yet more evidence that power and … Continue reading

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Increasing Datacentre Security and Availability Whilst Reducing Complexity

Security continues to be a major concern for IT executives. The latest study from the UK Department for Business Innovation & Skills shows increases across the board in security breaches, systems or data corruption and the costs incurred: • 78% … Continue reading

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What can be done to halt the rise in cost and complexity in the datacentre?

Saving money on IT spend – it’s always on the agenda.  Every week dozens of emails flood inboxes around the world promising to help companies save money on their IT spend.  Which ones will work?  What’s the best way to … Continue reading

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Reducing energy costs for a greener data centre

Most large organisations throughout the world have a corporate social responsibility (CSR) statement. A major part of the statement is often a commitment to lower the environmental impact of the IT systems that the organisation is running. This is a … Continue reading

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