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Reducing energy costs for a greener data centre

Most large organisations throughout the world have a corporate social responsibility (CSR) statement. A major part of the statement is often a commitment to lower the environmental impact of the IT systems that the organisation is running. This is a … Continue reading

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IBM Announce the zEnterprise zEC12

The next generation of zSeries hardware was announced on Tuesday 28th August. The zEC12 is faster (5.5GHz cores), and will run more processors (up to 101 general purpose) than the previous generations of z. All of this adds up to … Continue reading

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DB2 10.1 For LUW Goes Time Travelling!

It’s well known that DB2 10.1 for LUW delivers new capabilities to help us all save time and money. The new version reduces the complexity of management, improves your developers and DBAs’ productivity, eases the effort with deploying new applications … Continue reading

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It’s official. DB2 for the Mac!

It’s official.  DB2 is now available for the Mac so, developers can now build DB2 applications on their Mac and deploy to Apple, Linux, Unix and windows servers.

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RESTORE.EXE Updated – 64-bit DB2 Support

As the title says, restore.exe (automated redirected restore with TSM support) has been tested against DB2 UDB V8.2 on Windows 2003 Server 64-bit (64-bit instance) and works. Next port will be to Linux 32-bit. Porting to 64-bit will be problematic … Continue reading

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