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DBA’s Holiday Checklist – DB2 cover

We’re so over winter….bring on spring! We all look forward to the lighter, brighter evenings and warm spring sunshine and not forgetting the all-important time off work, but what if your organisation has just one or two DBAs? Managing holiday … Continue reading

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Feeling Unsupported?

Sometimes it is necessary for organisations to stay on older, unsupported database versions. There are many reasons why an organisation may choose or be forced to stay on an out of support version of DB2: – Cost – an upgrade … Continue reading

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Do you know what’s going on under the covers?

It is often the case that software applications are shipped alongside their preferred database, installed and used effectively with no issues. It doesn’t usually make too much difference what the database of choice by the application vendor is, as long … Continue reading

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Triton customer CPA Global talk about why Consultancy on Demand works

CPA Global is the world’s top intellectual property (IP) management and IP software specialist, and a leading provider of outsourced legal services. With offices across Europe, the United States and Asia Pacific, CPA Global supports many of the world’s best … Continue reading

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Triton’s Solution for Out of Support DB2 LUW Software

As IBM Premier Business Partners, Triton Consulting is in the process of making customers aware of the impending need to migrate their DB2 LUW software versions 9.1 and older. We recognise that sometimes it’s necessary for organisations to remain on … Continue reading

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Have you heard the DB2 LUW Security Podcast?

We chat to Rebecca Bond – aka the DB2 Locksmith to get the inside info on DB2 LUW Security best practice. Click here to read the article & download the podcast- DB2 Configuration Parameters – What They Whisper About Security … Continue reading

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Did your DBA team get burnt this summer?

As the bbq summer progressed, temperatures rose (well, there was that one week in May) and we all disappeared off on our Staycations, were the frazzled DBA team the only ones who got burnt? Burnt-out that is.  There are certain … Continue reading

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