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Another data loss headline – don’t let your organisation be next!

In the latest “data loss” news report it’s HSBC’s turn to be embarrassed by a security slip-up.  As reported on bobsguide today data surrounding up to 24,000 client accounts was stolen by a former technology expert from HSBC’s Swiss subsidiary, … Continue reading

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Optim Update

Data privacy and data masking are an integral part of Optim as it has been identified through research that many customers will move to another supplier if they feel privacy has been violated.  Masking the data stops the production data … Continue reading

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Optim Update

IBM Optim provides functionality for secure archiving, as well as the functionality to compare data, restore data, and browse data. The Optim solution can handle many different database management systems singularly and also works well cross-platform, this includes DB2, Oracle, … Continue reading

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Optim certification – I passed!

After sitting the Optim sales mastery exam and successfully passing it, I can honestly say that having a hands on approach with the product was definitely the best way forward. My revision otherwise would have been laborious, in that everything … Continue reading

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Learning about Optim

Opinions are split when talking about IT certification and its importance in the industry. It is easy enough to pick up a book and study chapter after chapter, running through sample questions. Once confident enough you sit the exam and … Continue reading

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