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Managing Mainframe Costs in the Financial Services Sector

Over the past 25 years of working with Mainframes, one aspect has proved to be a constant challenge – Mainframe pricing.  Mainframe software charges are usually based on peak usage.   Whatever an organisations’ peak workload in a given month is … Continue reading

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IT cost reduction & optimisation top the priority list for Mainframe customers

In their recent Mainframe study, BMC Software asked Mainframe customers what their top 4 IT priorities were. Cost reduction and optimisation came out at the top with 85% of respondents citing Cost reduction as one of their key priorities. The … Continue reading

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Taking control of workload peaks to reduce software licence costs

Because mainframe software licence costs are based on peak usage it is vital to understand when and where these peaks occur. Using techniques to control capacity and manage your MSU usage can pay dividends in many ways. Controlling capacity allows … Continue reading

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Performance and profitability don’t have to suffer as a result of high CPU usage

Managing performance and cost has become a significantly more difficult job with capacity planners and performance analysts being asked to defer hardware and software upgrades due to squeezed budgets. Many large IT departments have also seen loss of staff due … Continue reading

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Can database tuning do enough to reduce costs?

The majprity of customers have significant potential for reducing resource consumption through tuning.  This is especially true for those with older applications that haven’t been actively maintained for a while or who have lost some of their deep DB2 skills … Continue reading

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